How does a Euro-pallet differ from a regular pallet?

Pallets are an effective solution for storing and shipping products, because they eliminate problems related to the safe and reliable movement of goods. Pallets provide easy access to products and are an ideal way to store goods in warehouses.

Pallet sizes vary in different regions. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has approved 6 pallet sizes that are widely used as standard sizes around the world. When shipping goods to or from Europe, there are two main types of pallets you can use. These are either standard pallets or Euro pallets.

But what are the key differences between standard and Euro pallets? But why are euro pallets used more often for transportation?

To begin with, below some basic characteristics.

Standard pallets measurements: 1.2 meters x 1 meter. Height may vary depending on the product. Euro pallets are 1.2 meters x 0.8 meters in size. Euro pallets are thinner than standard ones and can also have different load capacity indicators.

The sizes of standard pallets are far from suitable for all types of products. European pallets, thanks to their convenient dimensions, are used in many industries.

Although the price of a Euro pallet is about 2 times higher than a standard one, it is still chosen more often not only because of its size. Here are some more advantages:

  • carrying capacity. An ordinary pallet can withstand 700-1500 kg, while the Euro variant – up to 2500 kg;
  • term of operation. Euro pallet is made of high-quality wood with additional processing, lasts 2 times longer and is repaired less often;
  • stiffness and strength. “Perfect” nails are used to make euro pallets. They are distinguished by thickness, twisted cut and the shape of the hat. Such fasteners connect more firmly, more rigidly. Euro pallet does not “loose” during long-term operation and heavy loads.

Europallets are an optimal combination of quality and price. Regardless of the field of use, these products will become a reliable assistant in any aspect. But it is also important to choose a supplier who complies with all standards and rules during the production of the product, so that the pallets really last for a long time.

The VERBA-VV company has been manufacturing euro pallets for over 10 years. We guarantee compliance with all conditions of production of products and sell only certified products. To place an order, contact us in any convenient way for you in the Contacts section.

Fuel pellets – why future is upon them?

Wood pellets are environmentally friendly solid fuel made from pressed sawdust and related industrial waste from lumber milling. Choosing wood pellet fuel as a heating source has numerous benefits for your home, your budget and the environment.

We have compiled a small list of features of fuel pellets and will tell you in more detail why it is the best choice today.

1. Energy efficiency. Wood pellets are an efficient source of heat because they contain very low levels of moisture and ash compared to wood chips or cordwood. It is possible to convert almost 100% of the pellets into thermal energy with very little waste.

2. A renewable resource. Unlike fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, which have limited supplies, wood pellets are a renewable resource. Pellets are made from by-products of the wood and paper industry, such as wood chips and sawdust, or from by-products of forest thinning, which are then pressed into a convenient pellet form.

3. Environmentally responsible. Wood pellet fuel is a great choice for those who want to be a little greener with their home’s energy use. Particulate emissions from pellet fuel are extremely low, as are carbon dioxide emissions. During the year, the use of wood pellets instead of petroleum fuels will save millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

4. Economically effective and affordable. Wood pellet stoves are often more affordable to purchase and install than other types of heaters. Also, because wood pellets burn so cheaply and efficiently, the overall fuel cost is much lower than other heating systems, including wood, oil, electricity, and natural gas.

5. Convenient and easy to use. The heat from the wood pellet stove will comfortably heat your entire home, providing cozy warmth all winter long. Many models of pellet stoves can be loaded with enough pellets to last two or three days, unlike a wood-burning stove, which requires constant loading and monitoring. They are also usually easier to clean than wood stoves.

Therefore, the low price and ease of use will be the main reasons for using pressed wood pellets for heating. On the VERBA-VV website, it is possible to order large packages of pellets. We work with different volumes of orders and are ready to discuss your wishes. To place an order, contact us in any convenient way for you in the Contacts section.

How charcoal is made: production features and advantages of use

Charcoal is used as a household fuel for cooking in many developing countries. It is the most popular barbecue fuel in the world.

Charcoal is produced by heating wood or other organic materials above 400 °C in an oxygen-free environment. This removes water and other volatiles, allowing the finished product, charcoal, to burn at high temperatures with very little smoke.

This can be done in several ways. Traditional, using mine furnaces that will produce low quality coal. Or more technologically advanced – with the help of industrial equipment that will produce high-quality charcoal with a fixed carbon content of more than 82%.

Whether you use a low-tech, small-scale method or high-tech devices, the basic process is essentially the same. However, the quality of the finished charcoal and the time it takes to create it vary significantly. The wood used, the heating temperature, the presence of air and the processing time – all this plays a role. Therefore, when ordering charcoal, it is important to inquire about the process of its production.

The advantages of charcoal when used as household fuel are that it:

  • produces less smoke during combustion;
  • requires little or no preparation before actual use;
  • has a higher energy content per unit mass;
  • can be easily transported and stored and reused when left over after cooking.

On the VERBA-VV website, you can order charcoal in packages of different weights. We adhere to all manufacturing standards and offer only high-quality charcoal that will make your barbecue flavorful and juicy. To place an order, contact us in any convenient way for you in the Contacts section.